2007 Jaguar XKR

Aficionados of car sports always crave for more power; so is the case with sports car making companies. Adding to this race for power is the 2007 Jaguar XKR. The new Jaguar XKR derives all its excellence from its predecessor, Jaguar XK luxury car, and at the same time presents a 'more powerful' identity with its innovative engine technology, adding new dimensions to the power definitions of the sports GT cars showing on the roads. The 'beautiful and powerful' XKR has got a lot of features to be proud of.

The body of Jaguar XKR is made of the aluminum monocoque, the latest development in the automobile technology. The supercharged 420 bhp, V8 engine with its six-speed automatic transmission capability is one among the many features that make this young Jaguar sporty on its wheels.